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Neocrop Technologies at CfiAgrotech 2023

Neocrop Technologies is a startup founded in 2020, in the city of Valdivia, which seeks to accelerate the development of new varieties of agri-food crops in record time. This with the aim of contributing to a rapid arrival to the field of improved crops that can cope with new extreme weather conditions, more aggressive diseases and also more nutritious food.

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To achieve this, a precision breeding platform was developed that includes 1) a proprietary software for candidate gene selection, which facilitates obtaining advantageous traits even in crops with complex genomes; 2) genome editing with “molecular scissors” such as CRISPR, which generates precise and targeted (non-transgenic) changes in the plant’s DNA; 3) speed-breeding, a method of producing fast-growing and forced crops, where, for example, crops such as wheat or oats are harvested in only 2 months (with 6 harvests per year), instead of a single annual harvest. This synergy allows to reduce by 60% the time of traditional breeding, which in the case of annual crops, shortens to only 4-5 years the current 12-15 years that the industry takes on average to launch new varieties to the market. Its business model is based on the co-development of new varieties edited with seed, fruit and silvicultural clients, as well as the licensing of patents for its technologies. Its first products in the portfolio include high-fiber edited wheat (for healthier premium flour) and drought-tolerant varieties, in joint development with seed companies in Chile and Argentina. They are also advancing in the pioneering development of white lupin resistant to anthracnose, the main global limiting factor of the crop, and in generating healthier premium oats high in beta-glucan. Neocrop also provides solutions with speed-breeding and genomic selection to accelerate cereal, tuber and legume crops, including projects to accelerate the genetic improvement of maqui for seed elimination; and includes the discovery and development of biomarkers to solve bottlenecks. It should be noted that Neocrop has received support from the State with funds from ANID, FIA, CORFO, and the Regional Government of Los Ríos, and has opened a seed round of investment for investors and venture capitals. More information at www.neocroptech.com and our social networks: https://www.linkedin.com/company/neocrop-technologies/ | https://www.instagram.com/neocrop.technologies/

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