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BOXFERA: When technology is shaping up to be the future of agriculture

Los actuales fenómenos climáticos extremos como sequías, inundaciones y olas de calor han generado un golpe enorme en la agricultura actual, esta se ha visto afectada en su capacidad de cultivos y rendimiento de suelos. Esta problemática termina perjudicando a distintos sectores, cómo por ejemplo la ganadería, y lo más grave es que genera una Incertidumbre alimentaria que cada día va en aumento.

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Away, a Chilean company that works in the area of technology and innovation, created a solution that improves the use of resources by increasing productivity using only 5% of the water that would be needed to produce the same under current production conditions. With this solution it is possible to produce nutritious food for human consumption, all year round, without human intervention and without the need for agricultural land and regardless of climatic conditions. The genesis of this proposal, which will be presented at CfiAgrotech 2023, arose from the idea of creating a growth system for grass bales, until its developers realized that the solution could be applied to food for human use. This is how BOXFERA was born, a compact and efficient solution that improves resource use by increasing productivity closer to the point of consumption. “It is a container specially adapted for agricultural production with low water consumption, allowing the development of up to 8,800 seedlings, in a reduced space and with minimal human control, since it has an irrigation system, led lighting and nutrient injection fully automated and customized according to the type of crop that needs to be developed, all controlled by artificial intelligence.” What are the advantages of Boxfera and what kind of food can be harvested? In conventional agriculture, 8 lettuces per mt2 can be planted and harvested in 80 days under optimal conditions, while with BOXFERA, 296 lettuces per mt2 can be harvested in 56 days under all weather conditions. This system does not depend on weather and water conditions, which today is the main problem. Herbs, basil, cilantro, oregano, etc. can also be harvested. Even a wide variety of green leaves. Even onions, carrots, beets, radishes and turnips. How does Boxfera overcome the climatic problems facing agriculture today? The drought affecting different regions has established agricultural emergency zones due to water shortages. In this sense, population growth projections are forcing an increase in production, leading to greater exploitation of these resources. With BOXFERA, in addition to monitoring the conditions and optimizing the resource at all times remotely, we store the data and then apply artificial intelligence to improve processes. Boxfera simulates a highly technical mobile biosphere that mitigates 100% of all the uncertainties of conventional agriculture, such as high temperatures, droughts, extreme cold, floods, pests, etc. The system is capable of controlling all production variables (environmental, nutritional, light and irrigation control) allowing optimal plant growth 365 days a year and independent of the geographical area or external conditions. All the water that is not absorbed by the plants is recovered in a storage pond, the water then returns to the system to be analyzed and processed for reuse, thus eradicating water loss through deep filtration, evaporation and runoff. It is estimated to save 95% in water use. How does the system work? First, the container is divided into different zones that allow development from the germination stage to harvesting and packaging. In the germination zone there is ample space for sowing, harvesting and packaging, as well as a germination zone for up to 4,600 seedlings. Then in the growth area there is a system of mobile racks that allow the production of up to 8,800 plants. The next stage is the LED lighting panels that simulate the sun. Until we reach the irrigation and water recovery system. BOXFERA will be present at the fair and you will be able to see directly how it works and the technology applied to generate the biosphere. At the stand, professionals and academics will be able to see and learn about the whole process in detail. Those who want to have the desire to do agriculture without the need to have land, can visit us or contact us at www.away.cl or at www.boxfera.com.

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