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La Casona will be at CfiAgrotech 2023 presenting its healthy and wholesome products

More than 16 years ago Casona El Monte was born, a family business led by women, in the picturesque commune of El Monte, 60 km from the city of Santiago.

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As a company we are creators of innovative products, manufacturers, processors, importers, exporters and distributors of vegetable oils, natural salts, sweeteners such as stevia, nutritional supplements, instant non-alcoholic beverages and more… all healthy, pure, natural and certified products. From the beginning we have kept alive the motivation to develop and produce healthy and wholesome products. We want each product to be a real contribution to people’s quality of life and, in addition, to have a vital respect for the environment. Our spirit, which is reinforced day by day, maintains the inspiring ideals in pursuit of the common good and the development of the area in which we are inserted. Our business values as Casona El Monte have been built on solid foundations, which are part of our corporate culture. Innovation – Austerity – Prudence – Teamwork – Mutual Help – Integrity – Commitment – Respect for the Environment – Sustainable and Eco-friendly. With all of the above in mind, we at Casona El Monte have developed a line of food products based on vegetable superfoods of great nutritional value and that provide various health benefits, providing all the nutrients of spirulina, vegetable protein, inulin, quinoa, maca, maqui, among others. It is important to point out that several of these so-called superfoods have been selected by NASA as part of the food for its astronauts on space missions. These products belong to Casona El Monte’s FROYATT line. On the other hand, did you know that cardiovascular diseases kill more people every day than those killed by COVID19? The World Health Organization gives us a ratio of 1 to 3 people. This is serious, it is worse than a pandemic. This is directly related to arterial hypertension and, in turn, this fact is also directly related to salt consumption, specifically to the consumption of sodium, which is present in salt. Concerned about this problem, in Casona El Monte we have been working for more than 7 years with a salt that is unique in the world, which is extracted from subway waters found in the most arid place on the planet, namely, in the Atacama Desert. From this place, Sal Atacama is born, a salt that is naturally reduced in sodium by 37%, without chemical processes or any type of physicochemical alteration. This salt tastes and behaves the same as common salt, but it is healthy, so we can continue eating rich, but without damaging our health. These are just two of the lines of the more than 70 innovative, healthy and natural products that we create, elaborate and commercialize in Casona El Monte. This is how we want to take our products to the whole world, not only for commercial reasons, but because we know that any of them will be healthy and beneficial for the people who consume them… and that is the most important thing. We are an interdisciplinary team headed by Yanett Omegna and her two daughters. Yanett is a chemical engineer, an environmental expert and has extensive experience in creating innovative and healthy products. Fernanda Rodriguez, a naturopath and logistics expert, and Rocio Rodriguez, a lawyer, is the General Manager of this human group that makes up Casona El Monte. Today we have a network of collaborating members and associates from different parts of the world, which gives us access to world-class technology and raw materials of the highest level, we are able to produce high quality products to reach all corners of Chile and various customers around the world. Today we export to Mexico, Brazil, USA, Spain, Peru and Costa Rica. Soon to Ecuador and Indonesia. We are a company verified by ConnectAmerica, Country Brand, we have FDA registration and active participants in the Pacific Alliance, ALADI, Country Image, Transforma Alimentos, ProChile, ASEXMA, Stgo. Chamber of Commerce, SOFOFA, EuroChile, among others. We have been awarded on several occasions by different public and private, national and international organizations such as CORFO, SERCOTEC, PROCHILE, among others. In addition, we have several certifications that endorse our quality and commitment to the welfare of our customers and the planet, including Country Image Chile, Gold Category in SME Awards, Gold Seal in Energy Efficiency, HALAL and UKKOSHER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H-k3AlAzqY&t=1s. Already, after almost 15 years of our company, we have managed to market our products through different sales channels, one of them is our direct e-commerce, so, from now on, we invite you to visit us at www.puroynatural.cl and you can learn about our different lines of products, choose the ones you like and enjoy them with your loved ones. To learn more about us, we invite you to visit our website: www.lacasonaelmonte.cl

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