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CFIAgrotech 2023: The largest exhibition of the agri-food sector will come to Chile

Its first edition in the country will be held in person at the Fisa Park, and virtually so that everyone can participate from anywhere in the world. During the event, the International Congress will be held in parallel, where strategic issues for the sector will be discussed.

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The most important international exhibition and congress in the agri-food world, CFIAgrotech, will be held for the first time in Chile from September 5 to 7, 2023 at the Fisa Park, located on Route 68, Pudahuel. The biannual event, a benchmark for the food industry at international level, has developed 25 versions since its inception in France. The fair will cover 10 thousand square meters of exhibition space, with the participation of more than 300 exhibitors and sponsors representing more than 20 countries, bringing together in one place the supply and demand of the agri-food industry. During the exhibition days, more than 30 thousand visitors are expected to attend. CFIAgrotech will seek to promote Chile as an agri-food power, showing its achievements and local production capacity, contributing to the attraction of new sources of financing and national and international players. It will also introduce new technologies, knowledge and actors not present in the country to the market, and will present the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge at a time of high demand for healthy ingredients and foods. “The meeting will bring together in one place the Chilean agri-food industry with national and international actors for the promotion, marketing, networking and strengthening of the industry in the country and throughout its chain. As representatives of CFIAgrotech, we want to bring together the most important exponents of the industry that will help boost trade, being an impulse for the economic and labor reactivation of the country through new business and the interconnection between the various areas of the agri-food sector, both nationally and internationally,” said Rodrigo Lobo, Corporate Affairs Manager of GL events. CFIA presents a rich and diversified range of exhibitors and products in 3 strong sectors: -Ingredients and Processed Foods, Equipment and Processes and Packaging and Conditioning. The event, a benchmark for the food industry worldwide, represents all sectors seeking to build, invest, improve, modernize, and optimize production in the industry. Likewise, it optimizes an offer divided into three main areas: food suppliers, equipment and processes, and packaging and distribution. In this way, it seeks to respond to the needs of people, and to present the evolution of the agri-food market, exposing the trends of the industry. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS The CFIAgrotech international congress will develop during the three days of exhibition a complete program of seminars and lectures, linked to the present and the future of the agri-food industry. In its first version of International Congress, it will seek to contribute to the economic development of the participating countries, bringing together the main actors of the sector: entrepreneurs, suppliers and national and foreign authorities, who will exchange knowledge, experiences, technologies for equipment, and solutions for the correct agri-food operation. The conferences will convene and invite reflection, exchange and monitoring of the development of the industry, being a space directed by and for professionals and experts in search of information and solutions. For those who cannot attend in person, the event will have CFIAgrotech Connect, a platform designed for registration from the web, cell phones and tablets, developed by Fisa of the GL events Group. All registrants (exhibitors and visitors) will be able to create their profile and follow the presentations, activations, demonstrations, among other live activities through the CFIAgrotech Connect platform, content that will be available online for 6 months. In it, exhibitors will be able to: -Create an exhibitor profile with information about their company and present their offer of technologies, products and/or services. -Upload their products to a market place, which has a quick and advanced search filter for easy navigation. -Contact and connect with visitors to the event, and have professional meetings. -Make your presentations in case of virtual participation, or attend the talks in some of the 2 available scenarios. -Generate a record of the contacts made and obtain reports of visitors to your exhibitor profile. CHILEAN AGRI-FOOD INDUSTRY In Chile, the agri-food sector represents 14% of GDP and almost 30% of national exports, which have tripled in the last 15 years. Likewise, it generates more than 1.4 million jobs, being the main source of employment at the national level, with this productive activity being present in the 16 regions of the country. The country, being a phytosanitary paradise, free of pests and genetically modified organisms, is considered first in the World Food Safety Index and second in the Logistics Performance Index in Latin America.

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