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FAR Agrotech, Revolutionizing Agriculture with AI for Crop Evaluation with technology from Bloomfield Robotics

Su avanzada cámara y software de inteligencia artificial permiten un análisis preciso de la salud y rendimiento de los cultivos, brindando beneficios significativos a los agricultores.

Monday 23 de October del 2023


Ciencia Pura was created to combine applied science and technology in the agricultural industry, especially focused on improving productivity in micropropagation laboratories, greenhouses and nurseries. Driven by Juan Pablo Matte, PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Sydney and Matías Palacios, commercial engineer UC, the company already has more than 30 clients throughout Chile and started operations in Peru in 2023.

Monday 23 de October del 2023

Visit Rafi Spa at CfiAgrotech 2023

RAFI SpA, a company that offers traceability solutions through radiofrequency technologies, will be present at the First International Congress and Fair of Innovation and Technologies in Agri-Food, to be held from October 24 to 26, 2023 in Santiago, Chile.

Monday 23 de October del 2023

Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA, the start-up from Chillán that seeks to renew the way of measuring fruit quality.

Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA, a Chilean start-up based in Chillán, is leading an innovative development to streamline and optimize the quality control process in the fruit industry through the digitization and automation of this process.

Monday 23 de October del 2023

Meet Aquadetect at CfiAgrotech 2023

Proper management of water resources is key for agriculture. This is the understanding of Aquadetect, a Chilean startup that emerged in 2020 in Curicó to offer services to this sector in order to optimize investment in the construction of wells and ensure efficient and sustainable use of water.

Monday 23 de October del 2023

Innovaquimica S.A. will be part of CfiAgrotech 2023.

Visit us at our booth PY-25

Monday 23 de October del 2023

DavisLab to be part of CfiAgrotech 2023

With 80 years of experience serving our customers, DavisLab will be present at CfiAgrotech 2023.

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

Agroprecision Chile to present at CfiAgrotech 2023

More than 20 years working hard to promote the development of a more efficient, profitable and sustainable agriculture

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

Savia estará presente en CfiAgrotech 2023

Savia is a smart digital sourcing platform for restaurants that shortens the supply chain by sourcing directly from local producers. Customers choose us because we offer all the categories they need in our digital marketplace, we are the best price/quality offer, and we ensure reliable and agile deliveries, all from our easy-to-use digital platform.

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

BOXFERA: When technology is shaping up to be the future of agriculture

Los actuales fenómenos climáticos extremos como sequías, inundaciones y olas de calor han generado un golpe enorme en la agricultura actual, esta se ha visto afectada en su capacidad de cultivos y rendimiento de suelos. Esta problemática termina perjudicando a distintos sectores, cómo por ejemplo la ganadería, y lo más grave es que genera una Incertidumbre alimentaria que cada día va en aumento.

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

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