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CfiAgrotech 2023: Technical Committee has already defined the themes of the international congress

CfiAgrotech 2023, the first innovation and technology fair in the agri-food sector, will have an international congress with a variety of panels and relevant topics for the industry. The congress will be held in parallel to the exhibition to be held from October 24 to 26.

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The congress will be divided into 3 thematic axes, which have been defined in a joint work with the technical advisory committee, formed by representatives of ASOEX, BDP Foods, Chilealimentos, ChileCarne, Fedefruta, Fedeleche, SNA and Vinos de Chile. Paula Miranda, manager of CfiAgrotech, explains how the Congress will be structured: “The first day is oriented to the science-business linkage, producers will present needs and gaps from their productive practice. From academia, research centers, start-ups and Hubs, they will present the solutions that are being worked on, the panel discussion will be oriented to how these gaps are being closed from innovation and technologies. Day 2 is focused on sustainability, from how we trace the production processes with technologies, sensors, new processes, to how they translate into indicators. Day 3 will close with the future projections of the agri-food industry, from robotics and other process technologies, the new requirements of target markets in terms of safety and certifications, as well as where we are going as a country with a great potential for growth in this area”. The fair and the international congress are supported in their design by relevant guilds that bring together companies that are part of the value chain of the agri-food industry in Chile. This demonstrates the importance of having a space where innovations and technologies are exhibited, facing the challenges that are currently presented for the growth of the Chilean agri-food industry from sustainability and country trust. On the 24th and after the inauguration of the fair, the congress will start with two panels called “R&D needs from producers” and “Solutions from innovation and technology”, to end the day with a round table related to the topics discussed during the day. Day 25 will have four panels. In the morning, the blocks called “Regenerative agriculture: Beyond sustainability” and “ESG reporting and green finance” will be held. During the afternoon, the first panel will be on “Logistics and distribution in the era of data science” and the second on “IoT innovations in traceability”. The event will end with a round table discussion related to the topics mentioned above. On October 26, the last day of the fair and international congress, two panels will open the day: “Robotics and automation in agri-food” and “Food safety, new market trends”. To finish with “digitalization and digital transformation in industry 5.0” and “The future of food production: new production logics”, and as on previous days, there will be a round table to discuss the issues raised. “It will be a fair whose hallmark will be innovation and technology for sustainability in an industry that is growing rapidly in Chile. In addition, we are calling young professionals from careers such as agronomy, biotechnology, biochemistry, industrial design, entrepreneurs and start ups to get involved in what is this future from raw materials of agricultural origin to what is the transformation of food and the development of an agri-food industry from Chile to the world,” concludes Miranda. Be part of CfiAgrotech, the place where innovation in the agri-food sector happens! Contact us at

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