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Wines of Chile will be part of CFIAgrotech 2023.

On October 24th, 25th, and 26th, Wines of Chile will be a part of CFIAgrotech 2023, a unique event that brings together the Chilean agri-food industry with national and international stakeholders for the promotion, marketing, networking, and strengthening of the industry within the country and throughout its entire supply chain.

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For Wines of Chile, strengthening the wine industry is essential through participation in the analysis and formulation of government policies for promotion, free trade agreements, and regulations that accommodate the wine sector. Simultaneously, promoting Chilean wine domestically and internationally is crucial for continuous growth within the industry, thereby driving research and development of new technologies and processes across the entire value chain of the industry. Likewise, Wines of Chile supports the development of industry workers through training, labor certification, and social scholarships, while also serving as a meeting point for members, guiding them through different phases of the business without compromising their individual identities. Given the above, it is of great importance for Wines of Chile to be a part of events like CFIAgrotech, which align with several aspects deeply ingrained in our DNA. These include enhancing the country’s image and positioning Chile as an agri-food powerhouse, contributing to attracting new sources of financing and national/international stakeholders, and introducing new technologies, knowledge, and players not currently present in Chile to the market. These challenges are shared by Wines of Chile and its partners, and we are confident that this opportunity will further solidify our presence in the country’s agri-food industry.

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