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Fedefruta’s President will anticipate the future of responsible fruit growing thanks to robotics, electromobility and artificial intelligence

The head of the fruit guild will be present at the Congress and International Fair of innovation and technologies in Agri-Food, CFIAgrotech, which starts on October 24 in Metropolitan Santiago.

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As part of the CFIAgrotech fair, the president of Fedefruta, Jorge Valenzuela, will present an avant-garde vision of the future of fruit production, highlighting the revolution that new technologies will bring to the agricultural field. With a message of enthusiasm and tranquility, but of urgency in order to enter into these new production paradigms, Valenzuela will illustrate a scenario where robotics, electromobility and artificial intelligence (AI) not only optimize production, but also ensure a more sustainable and environmentally responsible process. These technologies, according to the president, “will make it possible to respond to climate and market challenges more effectively, ensuring resilient and productive fruit growing.” “The incorporation of these technologies will not only allow us to be more competitive in the global market, but operational at the intra-predial level, and will also contribute to preserving our natural resources,” Valenzuela stated. “Tomorrow’s fruit farming will be smarter, more efficient and sustainable.” One of the strong points of his intervention will be not to be afraid of these changes. “It is time to learn and adapt,” Valenzuela expressed. “I invite everyone present to immerse themselves in these trends, learn about them in depth and start applying them in their respective areas of production.” Robotics, for example, can assist in tasks ranging from planting to harvesting, while electromobility aims to reduce emissions in agricultural work. On the other hand, AI can be an invaluable tool for data analysis, irrigation optimization and crop monitoring. Valenzuela’s presentation at the CFIAgrotech fair reinforces Fedefruta’s commitment to innovation and the constant search for solutions that benefit both producers and the environment. This vision, centered along the lines of a new board of directors at Fedefruta, and the arrival of a new fruit-growing era, seeks to align the industry with the global objectives of sustainable development and climate resilience. Finally, Fedefruta will have a stand at the fair, in order to meet with attending producers and discuss these issues directly with the protagonists of the industry. For more information on Fedefruta’s initiatives and trends in agricultural technology, visit

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