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Haproba, will be at CfiAgrotech with its food solutions.

“HAPROBA” nació de los resultados científicos en la búsqueda de nuevos ingredientes funcionales, con sustancias activas y alto valor nutricional a partir del orujo de uva

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Applying a controlled thermal process to stabilize nutrients and antioxidants. Our company produces “natural” ingredients and additives for healthier foods. In January 2020 we signed a collaboration agreement with Viña Concha y Toro for the grape pomace supply chain. In collaboration with Lindero Mills SA. We have developed a whole-grain flour premix with our ingredients to obtain fiber-antioxidant-rich bakery products. Our mission Revalorize; Reconvert and reuse a by-product of high nutritional value, sustainable and in the context of the Circular Wine Economy”. Our goal: to produce natural ingredients and additives to develop healthier foods. Our pillars: public health and environment. Our greatest achievement: a Nutraceutical product (the glycemic regulator for diabetics) in collaboration with the Center for Molecular Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of the Catholic University and the Blumos Solutec SA group. Our team: scientific advisors with long experience and young professionals with fighting spirit and capacity in the areas dependent on the project.

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