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YGEIA SANUS: INTEGRITY in all that we do – RESPONSIBILITY in all that we promise – PROACTIVITY in all that we set out to do

Ygeia is committed to healthy living and community well-being. It participates in different markets with high quality innovative solutions and technologies. We represent technologically advanced products and offer excellent services. In the food industry with Reagents for food analysis and UV-C disinfection and sterilization equipment, as well as simple kits for cleaning verification.

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With our R-Biopharm line we offer products and advice to all those involved in generating food that meets the parameters and criteria of food safety and food security. Companies that manufacture food, as well as academia and laboratories that perform analysis can count on our help in everything they require. R-Biopharm is a German company that produces reagents for chemical and microbiological food analysis. All reagents allow the safety and security of food for human consumption. In disinfection and sterilization, we are represented by Coming, a leading Chinese company in the industry. UV-C radiation is a known disinfectant of air, surfaces and objects that can help mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection. The major problem is that ultraviolet germicidal lamps produce ozone, an agent that is highly harmful to human health. Coming developed equipment that can perform disinfection and sterilization in the presence of people. This is the innovation that YGEIA strives to make available to domestic companies.

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