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Visit Rafi Spa at CfiAgrotech 2023

RAFI SpA, a company that offers traceability solutions through radiofrequency technologies, will be present at the First International Congress and Fair of Innovation and Technologies in Agri-Food, to be held from October 24 to 26, 2023 in Santiago, Chile.

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Radiofrequency traceability presents great opportunities for agriculture and livestock farming: Optimize inventory management Track livestock without stress Facilitates monitoring of environmental conditions Improves efficiency in the supply chain, reducing losses and improving product quality. Traceability ensures food safety Automation streamlines tasks such as crop tracking or responses to inventory problems. In addition, these technologies have experienced significant price declines over the past decade. According to a McKinsey report, the average cost of an RFID tag has decreased by 80% to less than USD$0.1 in the last decade, while read accuracy has doubled and range has increased fivefold (allowing for fewer devices and better reads). RFID reader prices have dropped by almost 50%. But the Agriculture and Livestock sector has not massively incorporated these tools! With its experience and trajectory in systems integration, RAFI SpA is born to bring this technology closer to your processes. RAFI offers inventory management and asset monitoring solutions, through the use of radiofrequency technologies. RAFI allows users to have updated inventory information on their phone, control panels or email in a matter of hours, not days. Its gantry systems make it possible to validate a shipment prior to dispatch, or to control the flow of livestock. Through its solutions, it allows an intelligent and modern management of the Agroindustrial sector, optimizing time and resources, and allowing a robust data analysis for informed decisions. RAFI is your partner to implement traceability solutions. Visit us at booth PY-33 or at www.rafi.cl.

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