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Marcos Winkler, President of Fedeleche and member of the CfiAgrotech technical committee, highlights the importance of the dairy sector and of sustainability-oriented technologies and innovation

The dairy industry in Chile currently processes some 2.5 billion liters per year, with the work of 3,000 producers and 400,000 dairy cows being essential.

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The president of the Federation of Milk Producers (Fedeleche) and member of the technical committee CfiAgrotech 2023, on the National Dairy Producers’ Day, recognizes the role that the sector plays at the base of the production chain and in the healthy nutrition of people. The union leader said: “Today we celebrate the many men, women and their families that make up this great sector. It is based on our ancestors, parents and grandparents, with dozens of companies that today have consolidated, not only in the country, but are at the forefront worldwide and provide society with a nutritious and sustainable food”. Currently, the dairy industry in Chile processes some 2.5 billion liters per year, with the work carried out by 3 thousand producers and 400 thousand dairy cows, 365 days a year, plus the collaboration of the workers and the auxiliary chain, geographically distributed between the regions of Valparaíso and Los Lagos, being the fundamental basis of the production chain. He also emphasized that the dairy sector is making progress and is committed to the adoption of systems and certifications for animal welfare, environmental preservation and the incorporation of technology, innovation and research, all of which are essential for the sustainable growth of the national dairy industry. CfiAgrotech 2023 Fedeleche is part of the associated unions that collaborate with CfiAgrotech 2023, the first Latin American exhibition and congress on innovation and technology in the agri-food sector, which will be held from October 24 to 26 at the Parque Fisa fairgrounds, located on Route 68 in the municipality of Pudahuel. Marcos Winkler as president of FedeLeche, participates, providing vision and contributions in contents, from his role in the technical committee of the international congress and the meeting in general. CfiAgrotech, in its first version, will be the main Latin American showcase on technologies and innovation of the sector and will gather for the first time in Chile, in the same place, all the actors of agricultural production, animal and food processing technologies, facilitating the productive chain and the flow of innovation. Source:

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