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First winners of CfiAgrotech’s “Despega Tu Emprendimiento” contest are announced

A wide range of innovative developments and disruptive solutions for the agri-food industry will be presented by agtech startups and SMEs at the First International Agribusiness and Technology Congress and Fair, CFIAgrotech 2023.

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-A wide range of innovative developments and disruptive solutions for the agri-food industry will be presented by agtech startups and SMEs at the First International Agribusiness and Technology Congress and Fair, CFIAgrotech 2023. -The deadline to apply for the call for proposals is August 31. Those interested can participate directly through the website, by filling out a registration form and answering a brief survey. Producers of bio-inputs, mainly nutritional supplements for beekeepers; manufacturers of ground coffee beans, with healthy dehydrated mushrooms; and a foodtech led by women that develops food from sub-ingredients of the brewing industry, are some of the winning companies of the “Despega tu Emprendimiento” contest. Framed in the First International Congress and Fair of Innovation and Technologies in Agri-Food, CfiAgrotech 2023 (, to be held in Santiago on October 24, 25 and 26, the contest is aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the agri-food sector and agrotech startups that, through the incorporation of new technologies applied to the agri-food sector, provide innovative solutions and services to national producers, allowing them to increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of their businesses. Although registration for “Despega Tu Emprendimiento” is still open, the organizers have announced a first list of selected companies that, as a prize, will participate as exhibitors in the CfiAgrotech fair thanks to a 60% subsidy on the value of the stand, where they will present their solutions and products to the main actors of the national and Latin American agri-food industry. DISRUPTIVE IDEAS AT THE SERVICE OF THE AGROINDUSTRY Among the first winners are: – Agrocompra: Digital marketplace specialized in agro-inputs, such as agrochemicals, fertilizers, seeds and animal nutrition, among others. Through a web platform, it allows to request quotations, compare and buy products in an informed way, providing customers with efficiency and control in their purchases. – AgroMatch: A platform that connects owners of machinery or services with farmers looking to lease this equipment. With a couple of clicks, any farmer can publish and lease machinery or services in a secure and transparent manner. It has logistical and administrative support. – Agro World Spain: International company whose objective is to generate links between machinery manufacturers and agricultural producers in South America through its network of importers and distributors. It offers innovative systems to control frost and hail in fruit plantations. – Aquadetec: Through science, obtains lasting and safe water solutions. Dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of natural resources, the company provides professional and scientific support in the search for groundwater and its use in agriculture through the use of the most sophisticated instruments available for the hydrogeological study of soils. – Ciencia Pura: Chilean-Australian scientific innovation company focused on the agricultural and forestry sector. Its objective is to do applied science in the agricultural industry, especially focused on increasing productivity in in-vitro micropropagation laboratories and nurseries, also improving plant quality. – Entomo Circular Planet: Seeks to contribute to sustainable development through innovation in insect-based food, both for animal and human use, considering that insects are sources of high quality protein and nutritional value obtained through an environmentally sustainable production process. – Fungeat: A company from Valdivia, Chile, produces ground coffee beans with healthy dehydrated mushrooms that provide different benefits to the organism. Its first line of products is Fungi Coffe. – HAPROBA Uva Chile: Biotech startup that produces powdered food additives with functional health attributes, reusing the skin and seeds of grapes, a by-product of the vinification of this fruit. It is an organic material of great nutritional value and high fiber-antioxidant content. – HoneyPro: A technology-based company dedicated to the formulation, production and marketing of bioinputs, mainly nutritional supplements for beekeepers. Its objective is to improve the nutrition and health of bees and pollinators throughout the year, especially in periods of climatic emergency, such as droughts, fires and post-pollination that characterize our country. – Nettra: Technology company specializing in the development and implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for remote monitoring and control in a wide range of applications and sectors, such as water, energy, industry, agriculture, environment, fleets and meteorology. – UpFoods: A women-led foodtech that develops food products from sub-ingredients of the brewing industry. It operates with upcycling food and circular economy models. Bagán is its first product. – Yetzen Group: A company that delivers information and consulting services and events for the horticulture industry worldwide, helping organizations in the fresh food industry learn, thrive and build a better future. ONLINE APPLICATION The deadline to apply for the “Despega tu Emprendimiento” contest is August 31. Companies that meet the call profile can participate directly through the website, by filling out an application form and answering a short survey. The information gathered from the data provided by the entrepreneurs will be part of a study being conducted by a group of researchers from Harvard, Yale, Duke and Boston universities to understand and highlight the impact of participating in trade fairs for SMEs and startups. “The goal of this competition is to promote the participation of SMEs and startups in trade fairs, such as CFIAgrotech,” says Federico Huneeus, assistant professor of economics at Duke University, USA. “Since the industrial revolution, these fairs have allowed the dissemination of knowledge and the expansion of companies’ productive networks. This, in turn, facilitates the closing of technological gaps between productive companies and less productive companies, particularly in green technologies, which helps the agricultural sector to develop in a sustainable manner,” he explains. Along with CFIAgrotech and the backing of the U.S. universities, the study is supported by the Luksic Foundation and CORFO, as well as the sponsorship of the National Society of Agriculture, TheYieldLab, Fundación Chile, Imagine Waves, the Ministry of Economy and the National Commission for Evaluation and Productivity (CNEP).

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