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CAS Partners with CfiAgrotech to Sponsor Two Start-up Awards

CAS is the Innovation Award Sponsor of the “Agrotech del Año 2023” winner and the “Despega tu emprendimiento” three finalists

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CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is a leader in scientific information solutions, partnering with global innovators to discover a better future. As such, CAS is honored to support the start-ups selected by CfiAgrotech that are reshaping the agriculture industry in Chile. By sponsoring these awards, CAS recognizes the significance of fostering innovation and supporting emerging technologies. “As the Innovation Award Sponsor of CfiAgrotech, CAS believes that agrotech start-ups play a vital role in the future of agriculture, revolutionizing farming practices, and addressing the challenges the industry is facing,” says Craig Stephens, Sr. Vice President Sales and Marketing at CAS, who will be handing the awards on October 24 and October 26. Feeding a growing population, resource scarcity, soil degradation, and pesticide and herbicide resistance are some of the many challenges that today’s start-ups will aim to solve with an innovative approach. That is why CAS will support them on their entrepreneurship journey by providing the scientific information and business insight they need to succeed. Each of the four winning start-ups will be invited to a Pitch Party, where CAS scientist experts and business leaders will provide early-stage support consisting of unique content, technology, and expertise to help them hone their value proposition. CAS will also grant one-year access to CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform™, a solution designed to get discoveries to market faster and optimize margins by giving researchers the information they need. The solution leverages the CAS Content Collection, the world’s largest source of scientific knowledge, so the scientists from the winning start-ups will be able to optimize their synthesis plans, accelerate their patent efforts, determine the patentability of their research, and discover literature relevant to their research. At the same time, the start-ups’ business teams will gain a clear vision of their industry’s panoramas, including competitors, trends, and new opportunities. If you are visiting CfiAgrotech, on October 24-26, please stop by the CAS booth to find out how their scientific information solutions can help you solve challenges, accelerate your R&D efforts, and get discoveries to market faster. Also, do not miss the presentation by the CAS Information Scientist Leilani Lotti-Díaz, at panel 4 on October 24, as she will leverage the CAS Content Collection for unique insights on fertilizer waste management, biorefineries, green ammonia synthesis, and more. Learn more at cas.org

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