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AquaPlants present at CfiAgrotech 2023

Modular aero-hydroponic vertical farms for Chile and Latin America: The “Stand Farms” Revolution.

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AquaPlants was born in pandemic with the idea of contributing to the development of sustainability in a context in which the water crisis, soil erosion, desertification, the increase in the price of food, added to the alert of agrochemicals and their relationship with diseases; are major problems that affect us all. In this sense, urban gardens, which use patios, terraces and balconies, have served to cultivate the concepts of food security and sovereignty, and we were aware that growing some of our food makes us rethink the role of suppliers and value the resources needed to produce it: soil, water, a favorable climate, weed and pest control, the difficulties for its transportation and sale. With all this in mind, we developed our first version of the AquaPlants Tower, a modular aero-hydroponic vertical garden for homes. The “stand farms” or aeroponic vertical gardens have been around for more than 20 years, however, they had not yet arrived in Chile due to the complexities and the high cost involved in their logistics. Based on this, they developed their own design and began to manufacture them on a small scale using 3D printing. The success of the concept led them to be awarded the project “Optimization of the manufacturing and commercialization system of the AquaPlants Towers” under the Consolida y Expande 2022 Innovation-Reactivate program of Corfo, which allowed them to develop the current version that is manufactured at scale in our country. They are aero/hydroponic cultivation systems that work based on the recirculation of the nutritional solution, which, unlike other hydroponic systems, the suspended arrangement of the plants exposes their roots to contact with the air, allowing greater oxygenation and therefore improving the absorption of nutrients, which promotes their growth. All this saves 95-99% of water compared to conventional methods, and up to 30% of water compared to other hydroponics systems, with minimal energy and space requirements. AquaPlants provides everything necessary to maintain a constant crop, such as hydroponic seedlings, fertilizers and inputs. In addition, they manage projects of aerohydroponic farms based on AquaPlants Towers and have a platform or help desk to advise their customers. It should be noted that the development of this project has been possible thanks to the support of Sercotec and Corfo in their entrepreneurship and R&D support programs. For more information, visit the website www.aquaplants.cl

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