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CAS organizes a Pitch Party for the winning startups of CfiAgrotech

Four Chilean agrotechnology startups presented their innovative solutions to a panel of CAS experts.

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Columbus, OH, January 18, 2024 – CAS welcomed the four winning agri-food startups from the CfiAgrotech event, the first International Congress and Fair on Agri-Food Innovation and Technologies held in Santiago, Chile last October. As a leader in scientific information solutions, CAS is committed to innovation-driven companies around the world that aim to contribute to the creation of a better future. For this reason it was proud to sponsor the event, granting the four winners access to the CAS SciFinder Discovery PlatformTM. This scientific information solution enables discoveries to reach the market faster, providing researchers with the essential information they need for their scientific breakthroughs. The winners were also invited to a virtual Pitch Party hosted by the CAS Innovation Incubator, an initiative designed to help accelerate scientific breakthroughs by supporting the early stages of disruptive companies. The Pitch Party served as a platform for CAS science and technology experts to provide feedback on the selected startups’ business projects, bringing their knowledge and experience to enrich the companies’ value propositions. “To simulate real-world pitches, CAS panelists assumed roles similar to those of potential stakeholders, such as investors or customers, and participated in Q&A sessions after each pitch. After the Pitch Party, each panelist will provide custom written feedback to help refine the startups’ future presentations,” said Kyle Cushman, Senior Director of Innovation at CAS, and driver of the CAS Innovation Incubator. “The Pitch Party was a very interesting and enriching instance to be able to showcase our company and its services to experts from different sectors. Based on the questions generated, we were able to talk and discuss different points from the problems to growth opportunities. This also generated instances of internal debate with the AgroInventario team about the different questions and ideas shared during the questions and ideas shared at the Pitch Party, which allows us to continue growing and improving”, said Tomás Valenzuela, Co-founder and CEO of AgroInventario. The four winners of the CfiAgrotech awards invited to the CAS Pitch Party were: Agrotech of the Year: AgroInventario, which is dedicated to the management of agrochemicals and fertilizers in real time for agricultural producers through the implementation of hardware in warehouses, allowing them to save up to 20% of the annual cost of their inputs. Innovation Award: La Casona El Monte, a company with a family tradition, with more than 18 years in the national and international market, which develops, manufactures and markets innovative and healthy products, both food and cosmetics, which improve people’s quality of life and are environmentally friendly.   Environment Award: Neltume, dedicated to optimal crop protection through remote monitoring of weeds and shoots, tracking pests and crop phenology, and recording field actions for validated learning.   Commercial Pitch Award: Agroprime, which develops intelligent technological solutions for the management of people in the field, increasing their productivity.     About CAS  CAS connects the world’s scientific knowledge to accelerate breakthroughs that improve lives. We help innovators around the world effectively navigate today’s complex data landscape and make confident decisions at every stage of the innovation process. As a specialist in scientific knowledge management, our team creates the world’s largest collection of scientific data and provides essential information solutions, services and insights for research. Scientists, patent professionals and business leaders from all industries rely on CAS to help them uncover opportunities, mitigate risks and unlock shared knowledge so they can move more quickly from inspiration to innovation. CAS is a division of the American Chemical Society. Connect with us at

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