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Summit Agro will be at the first version of CfiAgrotech

Summit Agro Chile SpA is a company dedicated to the sale and marketing of agricultural inputs, being part of the Sumitomo Corporation group (http://www.sumitomocorp-global.com/), one of the 8 largest companies in Japan dedicated to the research, production and marketing of phytosanitary products.

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Summit Agro Chila SpA, enters the domestic market in 2014, basing its portfolio on molecules generated by the Japanese agrochemical industry. Since 2021 we are partners with DJI Agriculture signing a distribution agreement of Spraying drones for modern agriculture. Since that date we have introduced in the Chilean market a professional and technical seal unique in the region, contact with distributors covering the entire national territory giving commercial technical support to our customers. Since 2022 we became Master Dealer of the DJI Agriculture line, in sales, training, education and support for Latin America of DJI Agras spraying drones, being our main customers those located in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Our values are embodied in the following phrases: Integrity and good management: to comply with laws and regulations, maintaining the highest ethical standards. Integrated corporate strength: to achieve teamwork through active communication. Vision: to maintain a clear perspective of the future. Change and Innovation: to accept and integrate diversity in values and behavior, and for change as an opportunity for action. Commitment: to accept functional responsibility and act with initiative. Enthusiasm: to act with optimism. Speed: to act without delay. Human development: to act positively to develop oneself. Professionalism: to achieve and maintain high levels of knowledge and skills.

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