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FAR Agrotech, Revolutionizing Agriculture with AI for Crop Evaluation with technology from Bloomfield Robotics

Su avanzada cámara y software de inteligencia artificial permiten un análisis preciso de la salud y rendimiento de los cultivos, brindando beneficios significativos a los agricultores.

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Leading agricultural technology company Bloomfield Robotics arrives in Chile and South America with FAR Agrotech. with an innovative service that is changing the way farmers evaluate and manage their crops. This cutting-edge system uses a high-speed camera and powerful artificial intelligence software to provide growers with detailed plant-level analysis. The results are astounding, and the benefits to the agricultural industry are immense. At the heart of this solution is a specially designed camera, which can be mounted on any motorized vehicle. This camera captures high quality images at an astonishing speed of 6 images per second. Depending on the terrain, a single camera can cover between 12 and 20 hectares per day. Once the tour is complete, the data is uploaded to the artificial intelligence software developed by Bloomfield Robotics. Within 24 to 48 hours, the system generates a detailed report that is presented on a dashboard accessible to each client. The results obtained are impressive and have a profound impact on agriculture. The main advantages include: 1. Cluster Count per Plant: This feature allows precise planning of harvesting and resource distribution, which saves time and effort in caring for each plant. 2. Cluster Color: The identification of ripe fruit in optimal harvesting conditions improves harvesting efficiency and quality of the final product. 3. Cluster Size: The ability to identify plants with the potential to produce larger and higher quality fruit influences the marketing and value of the product. 4. Variations among Different Plants: The system provides a complete picture of crop performance, enabling informed decisions to improve productivity and optimize farm management. 5. Specific Actions to Improve Yield: Personalized recommendations are provided for the care and nutrition of each plant, maximizing growth and production potential. 6. Tracking Progress Over Time: Growers can assess the impact of their cultivation practices over time, allowing them to implement corrective measures for sustainable production. What makes this solution even more valuable is the speed and accuracy with which these analyses are performed, thanks to artificial intelligence. This allows informed and cost-effective decisions to be made, saving time and resources in farm management. The camera is incredibly versatile and easy to transport, and the only requirement is a vehicle that can travel the crop rows and an internet connection. Farmers can now optimize their farming operations more efficiently and effectively, boosting the quality and productivity of their crops. Bloomfield Robotics has set a milestone in agriculture by providing farmers with an essential tool to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This technological breakthrough promises to revolutionize the way agriculture is managed, ensuring a more sustainable and profitable future for everyone involved in the industry. Now present in Latin America with FAR Agrotech, the future of agriculture is clearer than ever. For more information on FAR Agrotech’s technology and services, please visit their website at https://faragrotech.cl/. About Bloomfield Robotics:** ** About Bloomfield Robotics:** Bloomfield Robotics is a company with a strong presence in Latin America. Bloomfield Robotics is a leading agricultural technology company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for crop management and improvement. With a focus on artificial intelligence and computer vision, Bloomfield Robotics is committed to providing farmers with cutting-edge tools to optimize their operations and maximize productivity. You can learn more at https://bloomfield.ai/

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