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Ciencia Pura was created to combine applied science and technology in the agricultural industry, especially focused on improving productivity in micropropagation laboratories, greenhouses and nurseries. Driven by Juan Pablo Matte, PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Sydney and Matías Palacios, commercial engineer UC, the company already has more than 30 clients throughout Chile and started operations in Peru in 2023.

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Its development, the PARALED service, seeks to improve the performance of plants, flowers and vegetables through the application of the optimum quantity and quality of light that, together with the monitoring of critical variables, will provide the right environmental conditions to develop to their maximum potential. The PARALED subscription service includes access to the software, a library of lighting recipes, the rental of specially designed plant lamps and controllers, as well as remote support from the company’s team of scientists and agronomists. www.paraled.cl contacto@paraled.cl

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