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Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA, the start-up from Chillán that seeks to renew the way of measuring fruit quality.

Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA, a Chilean start-up based in Chillán, is leading an innovative development to streamline and optimize the quality control process in the fruit industry through the digitization and automation of this process.

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In collaboration with the Laboratory of Robotics for Agriculture of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of the Universidad de Concepción, the technology developed aims to improve efficiency in this crucial aspect of the agricultural sector. The company has recently launched a portable device specially designed to measure the quality of blueberries, a particularly susceptible fruit with a short post-harvest life. This innovative equipment allows for simultaneous digital assessment of firmness and size, providing growers and exporters with a quick and reliable assessment of fruit quality in the field. Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA is currently working on the complete digitalization of the quality control process, implementing IoT technology devices, both in-house and external. Its objective is to provide fruit companies with a tool that concentrates all the information in a centralized platform, storing, analyzing and processing quality data to generate reports in real time. Additional information about Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA: Founded in 2018 by students from the University of Concepción, Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA, has been working for more than 5 years in the implementation, development and commercialization of technologies for agriculture. It offers a range of products and services, including greenhouse automation systems and monitoring systems for Rural Drinking Water services, among other developments. The company is positioned as a benchmark in the digital transformation of the agricultural sector in Chile and seeks to continue innovating to improve efficiency and quality in this key industry for the country. For more information, please contact: Trion Soluciones de Ingeniería SpA contacto@trion.cl +569 45413925 https://transformaalimentos.cl/Catalogo_fichas_2023/TRION.pdf

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