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InvestChile will be part of the CfiAgrotech 2023 International Congress and Trade Fair

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency will participate in the first international fair of the sector to be held in Chile, which will discuss global trends in food production.

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InvestChile, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, will be part of the International Congress and Fair on Innovation and Technologies in Agri-Food, CFIAgrotech 2023, the first fair of the sector to be held in Chile. The event will bring together in one place the Chilean agri-food industry, more than 30 thousand industry professionals, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from more than 20 countries, in more than 10 thousand square meters of exhibition space. In recent years, InvestChile has detected important opportunities in the agri-food sector, in its work to support foreign companies in their installation or expansion of investments in Chile. “The domestic market is demanding new technologies and innovations for the way food is produced in our country. CfiAgrotech 2023 seeks to bring the industry together in one place, where global solutions and trends for food production will be found and, as InvestChile, we want to be part of this discussion,” said InvestChile’s head of Investment Promotion, Salvatore Di Giovanni. Some of the issues that have marked the industry according to Di Giovanni are climate change, drought and how to maintain leadership in logistics and information systems, among others. “I think Chile has already understood that the adoption of technologies is an obligation to remain competitive and reduce the environmental impact of our production. Agrifood is a sector that is on the rise in the adoption of new technologies,” he said. In its role as sponsor and exhibitor of CfiAgrotech 2023, InvestChile will seek to understand first-hand the local demand and thus connect it with foreign companies and, in addition, help the latter to better understand the business ecosystem in Chile. Di Giovanni explains that the industry is currently led by startups that have the flexibility to move more easily to other countries. “Demand in the food industry is growing exponentially and needs to be at the forefront of technology, which many times has already been developed in other countries. That is one of the positive externalities of foreign investment, technology transfer and new skills that come to our country from foreign companies, which improves access to demanders in Chile. Hence the importance of events like this one, which allows all the actors in the sector to meet in one place,” he said.

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