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Agroprecision Chile to present at CfiAgrotech 2023

More than 20 years working hard to promote the development of a more efficient, profitable and sustainable agriculture

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AgroPrecisión’s vision is to position itself as a leading company both in Chile and abroad, providing services and products for the implementation of precision agriculture and the digitization of agricultural field management. Pioneer company within our country in providing technology, services and products, for decision support regarding differentiated management, maximizing productive potentials and improving profitability of agricultural projects. Outstanding services: – AgroMAP: Soil survey based on the detection of variability with electromagnetic scanner related to: texture, compaction, stoniness, depth, among others. Prospecting of soil pits, extraction of samples for physical-chemical analysis, determination of homogeneous soil blocks, identification of limiting factors and recommendations. – AgroDREN: Study of drainage, calicatas, calculation of infiltration velocity, use of piezometers to detect the movement and depth of the water table. – Digital Topography: Surveys with RTK, Drone, Total Station, plans for irrigation design, reservoir cubing, plantation staking, irrigation and drainage systems, others. – AgroSpectra: Crop vigor variability mapping, periodic satellite monitoring with digital platforms, problem identification, management guidance. We provide archival and programmed multispectral satellite images up to 25 cm spatial resolution. We also use drones and active sensors. Featured products: – Professional Weather Stations for Agriculture. – Scholander camera, to measure plant water status and support irrigation management. – Portable soil moisture sensors of the TDR type. – Weather and soil sensors with LoRa and LoRaWan technology, with transmission to the cloud. – Reflective films to improve coloration and homogeneous ripening in fruit trees. For more information, please visit the web si

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