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Savia estará presente en CfiAgrotech 2023

Savia is a smart digital sourcing platform for restaurants that shortens the supply chain by sourcing directly from local producers. Customers choose us because we offer all the categories they need in our digital marketplace, we are the best price/quality offer, and we ensure reliable and agile deliveries, all from our easy-to-use digital platform.

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The purchasing management module leverages customer consumption and producer production data to optimize the supply and demand function, so that customers can improve their purchasing decisions and producers can plan their production. The application has been designed with our customers so that kitchen and bar managers can easily place their orders, thus digitizing 100% of the more than 150 customers in Santiago. The platform integrates the entire agri-food distribution chain, to generate an optimized logistics network that shortens the chain and generates a positive impact for producers, consumers and the environment, which is why we received the Empresa B certification and were selected as one of the 500 Best of the Green Awards Latam 2023. The 2 founders Nils Lindeen and Luuk Gremmen combine the experience, technical and commercial skills to lead the executing team to success, and have demonstrated their teamwork capabilities through the positioning and growth of the start up since the beginning of 2020. Both share a passion for making an impact and changing the world through entrepreneurship and technology. They met as Venture Builders of Enviu Chile in December 2019, where they started working together in the development of impact startups in Chile. In the 2 years of operation, Savia has exceeded USD 1.5 million in cumulative sales, we have already received funding for USD 200,000, and we have been selected in the incubators NESsT (nesst.org) and Start Up Chile (startupchile.org). On November 16 and 17 we will open our first round of Pre Seed financing for an amount of USD 250,000 through the Uper platform with the support of Impacta VC at the renowned ETM Day event. This will be an unprecedented instance as it will be a pitch and investment round completely live through the Uper platform, where anyone can invest with tickets from 500,000 pesos, to join this community of fair trade and impact on the food chain. More information about the event and investment details can be found here: https://www.uper.co/es-cl/eventos/live-fundraising-project

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