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YGEIA SANUS: INTEGRITY in all that we do – RESPONSIBILITY in all that we promise – PROACTIVITY in all that we set out to do

Ygeia is committed to healthy living and community well-being. It participates in different markets with high quality innovative solutions and technologies. We represent technologically advanced products and offer excellent services. In the food industry with Reagents for food analysis and UV-C disinfection and sterilization equipment, as well as simple kits for cleaning verification.

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

AgroInventario: Revolutionizing Agricultural Management for a More Sustainable Future

In recent years, agriculture has experienced a notorious change in the incorporation of technology and AgroInventario is not left out of this transformation. Founded from the need to simplify and improve the management of agricultural warehouses, our company has been recognized as one of the most innovative solutions in the agricultural technology area.

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

La Casona will be at CfiAgrotech 2023 presenting its healthy and wholesome products

More than 16 years ago Casona El Monte was born, a family business led by women, in the picturesque commune of El Monte, 60 km from the city of Santiago.

Wednesday 18 de October del 2023

Nova Agro to participate in the first version of CfiAgrotech

Traditional agricultural production – and by extension the dairy industry – relies heavily on the application of soluble mineral fertilizers in order to achieve higher crop and pasture yields. However, it is known that the excessive application of fertilizers generates risks such as groundwater contamination, soil and ecosystem degradation, biological imbalances and biodiversity reduction, among others.

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

AquaPlants present at CfiAgrotech 2023

Modular aero-hydroponic vertical farms for Chile and Latin America: The “Stand Farms” Revolution.

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

EvoluSun, specialist in photovoltaic power generation, will be at CfiAgrotech 2023.

EvoluSun SpA is a company with French roots, specialized in offering distributed photovoltaic generation solutions for companies.

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

Neocrop Technologies at CfiAgrotech 2023

Neocrop Technologies is a startup founded in 2020, in the city of Valdivia, which seeks to accelerate the development of new varieties of agri-food crops in record time. This with the aim of contributing to a rapid arrival to the field of improved crops that can cope with new extreme weather conditions, more aggressive diseases and also more nutritious food.

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

Energi Solutions: Pioneering Renewable Energy with AI Support for Agribusiness

In a world that urgently demands sustainable solutions, Energi Solutions stands as a visionary leader in the convergence of renewable energy and artificial intelligence (AI). Its revolutionary approach has succeeded in changing the dynamics of the energy industry, and its mission is clear: to transform the way agribusiness companies approach energy and, in doing so, optimize fixed costs and promote sustainability.

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

Haproba, will be at CfiAgrotech with its food solutions.

“HAPROBA” nació de los resultados científicos en la búsqueda de nuevos ingredientes funcionales, con sustancias activas y alto valor nutricional a partir del orujo de uva

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

Aguamarket will be at CfiAgrotech 2023

It was born as a portal in the year 2000 […]

Tuesday 17 de October del 2023

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